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You can read Green Pasture ebooks on any of your devices. Nourish your spirit anytime, anywhere.

Offline reading

You can download Green Pasture ebooks onto your mobile phone and enjoy reading while you’re on the go.

Choose the device and app you like

You can download Green Pasture ebooks on any of your devices.

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Compared to physical books, ebook content search is much easier and quicker.

eBook FAQ

1. What’s the format of the ebooks?

Our ebooks are in epub format (except for hymnals and picture books, which are in pdf format). You can read them on your mobile phone, computer, e-reader, tablet, etc.

2. How can I read my ebooks?

You can open our ebooks with any ebook app such as Lithium and Reasily for Android, and ibooks for IOS.

3. Do Green Pasture ebooks have copyright?

Yes, please respect copyright. No portion of our ebooks may be reproduced, resold or transmitted in any form by any means. Thank you for your support to Green Pasture Bookstore.

5. Which reading apps would Green Pasture recommend?

We recommend Lithium and Reasily for Android system, and Books, the built-in reading app, for the IOS system.


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