Series 21

Live Out the Life of the Firstborn: Be A Priest

Message Date: 2020-05-10

A priest is closest to God, and his duties are extremely honourable. Such honour cannot be obtained by oneself, but was given by God. The Father swore and did not change His mind, that the Lord was to be our high priest. Being a priest meant that the Lord must first become a man. He also offered Himself as a sin offering, aiming to bring us perfectly before God. Since we received the Lord, we’ve been given the blessing of the firstborn–to be a royal priest. In the Old Testament time, a king could not be a priest at the same time; so he could not offer any sacrifice. Many Bible passages mention priests, who would offer sacrifices, because God wanted man to be close to Him. When man sinned and strayed away from God, God had already prepared salvation for man. Before the law, there had been offerings of sacrifices. This illustrated that the Lord was to come to die for us, save us from the punishment of sins and reconcile us with God. The heads of the household such as Noah, Job, Abraham, Issac, Jacob, etc all built altars and offered sacrifices. Today, all believers have become royal priests. We who were once far from God are now closest to Him. We should live out the life of a priest: offer ourselves as living sacrifices to serve God. First and foremost, we should draw near to God and offer Him praises. In the Old Testament time, the priests should first eat of the sacrifices and the showbread; these illustrate that today we should enjoy the Lord Himself. As priests, we should also pass on knowledge, teaching others to know God, draw near to Him, experience Him and understand His will. Before the Lord comes back, may there be the most glorious groups of priests who deeply experience God. May these priests bring to the world the most precious–God Himself. Episode 1 The Father Made the Lord the High Priest Episode 2 Priesthood: One of the Blessings of the Firstborn Episode 3 The Precedents of Priests in the Bible (1) Episode 4 The Precedents of Priests in the Bible (2) Episode 5 Live out the Life of a Priest
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