Series 6

Live out the Life of being Heart to Heart with the Lord

Message Date: 2020-01-19

In order to steadfastly live out the life of being heart to heart with the Lord, we must learn to use our inner eyes to behold Him, be aware of our spiritual condition, and to rely on Him to help our spirit to enjoy being connected with Him without any barriers. Besides having a good environment to draw near to God, we need to think of the Lord throughout the day, live out “abide in the Lord always”, “always be with the Lord”, and “still being with the Lord”. When we draw near to God, the most important is to be able to enjoy the Lord and not be disturbed. Therefore, when we are drawn by the Lord, we can stay quietly before Him and enjoy; if we say too much, it may become a hindrance to our fellowship with the Lord. In Psalms and the Song of Solomon, there were times of talking, but there were also times for quieting down. Many Bible passages mention using our inner eyes to behold the Lord. We should set the Lord always before us.
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