His Words Abide In Us

Series 15

Episode 2


Brothers and sisters, today’s Treasures for the Soul will continue with the message series: “Understand how our spirit works, and be heart to heart with the Lord continuously.” Today’s topic is “His words abide in us.” The Lord says that we need to always abide in Him and let His words abide in us. It means that He will speak to us. Not only do we have the Bible, the word of God, we also have the Spirit of truth who opens our spiritual eyes. The Lord is truth. He will personally teach us. It’s so precious that the Lord is the bright living reality—He is living, and He is also our brightest and greatest reality. We are not just trying to learn about the past or gain some knowledge about the Lord. We have gained the living Lord Himself. To this day, He is still working in our hearts unceasingly.


Nothing is more important than abiding in the Lord, and when we do so, He will be in us. He also said that if we abide in Him, His words will be in us too. It’s not just us holding the Bible in our hands, but His words are in us, meaning that He will speak to us. He is living, and He has taught me more than anyone else has. In fact, no one can teach us what He teaches. If He doesn’t open our spiritual eyes, we are quite blind. The Holy Spirit has come. He is the Spirit of truth, who guides us into the truth and teaches us all things. Although we cannot see Him, He is in our heart guiding us. Abba also lives in us and teaches us. That’s why we have more than just the Bible.

Of all the things we can see with our eyes, the Bible is the most precious. It contains God’s words in black and white. It’s also a love letter from our eternal and infinite Lord. The content is very wonderful and encompasses everything in our life. Therefore, we need the Holy Spirit to open our spiritual eyes. We need the Lord to teach us in our hearts and explain the things we don’t understand. We can even ask Him questions. I have asked Him more than 100 times about certain Bible passages. He listens to our prayers and helps us because He is living!

It’s so precious that we have such an intimate teacher. He is the truth, and I know this so well. Before I believed, I was already searching for the truth and meaning of life. He is the truth and He gives us this book of truth. He also abides in us and opens the truth to us. One day, you will see Him face to face. On that day, you will understand the things that you don’t right now. You can also ask Him if you still have any questions. The everlasting and infinite One can surely tell amazing stories and history. Moreover, we will listen to Abba’s singing—the love songs of Abba and the Lord. These songs will be beyond comparison. It’s so precious that we will be with Him forever. Unsearchable wisdom and knowledge are hidden in Him. If you seek knowledge, the Lord is the unlimited fountain of knowledge. He is the most creative. He created this world and you. He also gives you creativity. With Him, how could we be bored? We will continue to have new discoveries in eternity! We will be with Him forever! Even the sweetness we experience when we draw near to Him on earth cannot be compared to being face to face with Him.

Today, the Lord lives with us and speaks to us day and night. He is living. He is the bright living reality! I hope that you can feel how real the Lord is in your heart. The Lord isn’t just someone who lived in the past but has no connection to you. His heart is the same today as when He was on earth. Many of the past events in the Bible are still related to you. He is not just a historical figure. It was to our advantage that He went away. He used to be by the side of the disciples. But His departure caused their hearts to be closer to Him, and to be able to enjoy Him even more. It’s true, even though they could no longer see the Lord with their eyes. From the Book of Acts we see the great changes in the disciples. It is because they truly enjoyed the living Lord, the Holy Spirit and Abba, who dwelt in their hearts. The One living in us is very real, more real than us! He went away for our own good.

How do we enjoy Him? This has been the theme of my recent messages—you need to be heart to heart with Him. And don’t forget what you learned in the past, such as “sweet daily living.” It is indeed sweet. We are so blessed to have gained the Lord. He is real and living. We aren’t just learning about His life and what He did in the past. Today, He is working in our hearts. He is more lively than us. The key is how we live with Him. 

Series 15

Understand How Our Spirit Works And Be Heart To Heart With The Lord Continuously

Message Date: 2020-03-13

Faith is to “want” and to “rely on.” Only by faith can we enjoy God Himself. Nothing is more important than to abide in the Lord. When we abide in the Lord, we will surely experience that His word abides in us. The Lord is living in our hearts, and we live with Him; our spirits need continuous provision from Him. Therefore, we must be heart to heart with Him, rely on Him, and let Him be our life; and we must mind the things above. Also, we ought to know how our spirit works, including our will, mind, feelings and other aspects. Then, we will be able to overcome Satan’s disturbances, cooperate with the Holy Spirit, be attracted by the Lord and the truths, and live a life that is heart to heart with the Lord. Episode 1 We can only enjoy God by Faith Episode 2 His words abide in us Episode 3 Live with the Lord Episode 4 Seek the things that are above Episode 5 Understanding how our spirit works: will, mind and feelings Episode 6 Guard and uplift our mind Episode 7 Enjoy Christ who is our life Episode 8 Live according to the Holy Spirit, and He gives us life Episode 9 Understand how our spirit works and be heart to heart with the Lord continuously

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His Words Abide In Us


Live With The Lord


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Understand How Our Spirit Works: Will, Mind And Feelings


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Enjoy Christ Who Is Our Life


Live According To The Holy Spirit, And He Gives Us Life