Guard And Uplift Our Mind

Series 15

Episode 6


Brothers and sisters, in today’s Treasures for the Soul, we will continue with the message series on “Understand how our spirit works and be heart to heart with the Lord continuously.” And today’s topic is “Guard and uplift our mind.” It’s very precious that we experienced changes after we believed in the Lord. However, Satan continues to try to draw our mind away from God. The Lord tells us to live in Him. His words are in us and He speaks to us. We also have the Bible, the word of God, the most precious love letter. The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit will also guide us continuously. The Holy Spirit will guide us into all the truths. We can also ask the Lord anytime, because He is living. Living with the Lord in this way is the most interesting, and it gives us the greatest joy. 


Who caused all these changes in you after you believed in the Lord? Who has been taking care of you until now? Where do the changes come from? Can a non-believer experience such changes? I can tell you for sure: absolutely not! And you can be witnesses to that, too. A non-believer has no hope for the future, nor in this world. They have no hope and no God. Without God, there is no hope. Therefore, after you believe in God, Satan wants to lure your mind and your heart away from God. He continues to pull you away, to stop you from enjoying all the spiritual blessings that belong to you. The Bible is the truth, and it puts emphasis on faith. You were saved by faith. Even though the Lord has done so much for you, if you did not believe in Him, you would be rejecting Him. How can you enjoy His riches if you reject Him? It’s impossible to enjoy.

It’s so precious that He came to seek for us, and He endured our disbelief and rejection. We are so blessed! And now we know how to enjoy this physical world more and more. He teaches us how to better use these materials. We also learn to appreciate and use His creation more. At the same time, we have entered into His unsearchable riches. Because He is the eternal Lord, He has prepared eternity for us.

There’s nothing more important than abiding in Him, and He in us. The Lord says if we abide in Him, His words abide in us. (John 15:7) This is not referring to you holding the Bible in your hand! He says, “His words abide in us,” meaning that He speaks to us, because He is living. He has taught me more than anyone else. And no one can teach what He has taught me. If He didn’t open my eyes, I would be quite blind. The Holy Spirit has also come. The Lord told us on the night before His crucifixion, that the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of truth, will guide us into all the truths and other things. We cannot see Him with our eyes, but He lives in our heart and guides us. The Father also lives in us and guides us. Therefore, we have more than just the physical Bible.

Of course, the Bible is the most important among all physical things on earth. It includes all the written words from God. The Bible itself proves that it is God’s word. People don’t know about this because they don’t understand the Bible. When we know about it, we know that the Bible is irrefutable. It’s God’s word! It’s so amazing that only half a chapter in the Bible can already prove the existence of God. It is indisputable evidence. There is evidence from Genesis to Revelation, not just from the prophecies and signs; the more you understand the Bible, the more you know it is the word of God. This is very precious! If someone wrote you a letter, wouldn’t you treasure it? The Bible is the love letter from the everlasting infinite One. Its content is so amazing, which is relatable for my whole life as well.

When we read the Bible, we need the Holy Spirit to open our eyes, and the Lord to teach us in our hearts; He can explain to us things that we don’t understand. You can ask Him. I have asked Him up to a hundred times for certain passages. He truly answers our prayers and helps us. He is living.

It’s so precious that we have this intimate relationship with Him. He is the truth. He has given us this book of truth. And the Truth also lives in our hearts and explains everything to us. One day, you will see Him face to face! On that day, you will understand without the need of any explanation. Or if you would like to ask the Lord anything, you are free to do so anytime. It’s very precious that He is the eternal One. He surely can tell wonderful stories and history! 

Series 15

Understand How Our Spirit Works And Be Heart To Heart With The Lord Continuously

Message Date: 2020-03-13

Faith is to “want” and to “rely on.” Only by faith can we enjoy God Himself. Nothing is more important than to abide in the Lord. When we abide in the Lord, we will surely experience that His word abides in us. The Lord is living in our hearts, and we live with Him; our spirits need continuous provision from Him. Therefore, we must be heart to heart with Him, rely on Him, and let Him be our life; and we must mind the things above. Also, we ought to know how our spirit works, including our will, mind, feelings and other aspects. Then, we will be able to overcome Satan’s disturbances, cooperate with the Holy Spirit, be attracted by the Lord and the truths, and live a life that is heart to heart with the Lord. Episode 1 We can only enjoy God by Faith Episode 2 His words abide in us Episode 3 Live with the Lord Episode 4 Seek the things that are above Episode 5 Understanding how our spirit works: will, mind and feelings Episode 6 Guard and uplift our mind Episode 7 Enjoy Christ who is our life Episode 8 Live according to the Holy Spirit, and He gives us life Episode 9 Understand how our spirit works and be heart to heart with the Lord continuously

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