How to Worship God with Our Spirit

Series 5

Episode 2


Brothers and sisters, today’s topic of Treasures for the Soul is “How to Worship God with Our Spirit”. We worship in spirit and in truth. Truth is very important because it helps us to have accurate knowledge towards God and true experience in Him. Moreover, we must worship in spirit, that is, to have fellowship with God from the bottom of our heart. We must pray and sing to Him, having communion with Him. Our spirits are real, and our inner eyes can see reality that our physical eyes cannot see. With our inner eyes we put the truth before us again and again. May we all enjoy the sweetness of worship and our heart to heart fellowship with Him. 


The Bible tells us that we must worship the Father in spirit and truth. (John 4: 23-24) Truth is very important because knowing the truth helps us in experiencing God. The Holy Spirit came so that we may truly know the Father. Using our spirit is also using the deepest part of us. It’s foolish if anyone would try to lie to God or be dishonest to Him. He knows all things. Here it says that we must worship the infinite God in spirit, that is our deepest part, or I can say with our unveiled spirit.
God is the infinite spirit; He is the origin of life, infinitely beautiful. The spirit has substance. It is not something abstract. The angels are real; they are not vague and shadowy. The Creator of everyone and everything, would He be of no substance at all? As real as God is, so is your spirit. If we die, we go to the Lord. Since your spirit is real, when you meet others in heaven, would everyone be in abstract form? Of course not. In fact, you can recognize one another. Your spirits will be there, absolutely not illusive.
When you worship, you need to speak from the bottom of your heart. For some people, they might not be speaking to God truly from their hearts. I don’t mean that they are lying. But for you, you must try to speak from the bottom of your heart, telling Him truthfully how you feel. Likewise, when you sing to God: open your heart to Him and set your spirit before Him, sing or pray to this infinite God, who is in glory and in your heart at the same time.
The Lord is so gracious to us in this movement. We must give thanks to Him for He has opened so much precious truth to us. Your spirit can see truth that the physical eyes cannot see. It can also picture things that may happen in the future. Try to close your eyes, you can visualize in your mind the things that happened in your past. It is more than the functioning of your mind or brain. People who believe in materialism, they regard that the mind is a material process by the brain. This conclusion is wrong. For example, when you die and go to the Lord, you no longer have your physical brain in heaven, but do you lose all your intellect? On the contrary, you will become more superior. Actually, it is your spirit that uses your brain. And your brain is more powerful than any device such as your cell phone or computer. Of course, your brain is very important. It is much more difficult to fix your brain than your devices. As you can see in this generation, more and more people are suffering neuro-related diseases.
Try to sing or pray from the bottom of your heart. Practice this purposely and it will make a difference in your worship. Ephesians 1:18 reads, “Having the eyes of your hearts enlightened.” There are so many things our physical eyes cannot see. What happened in the past was also very real. We were not there in Israel to witness the crucifixion of our Lord Jesus, but yet in your heart, you can clearly realize the Lord being hung on the cross on the mountain of Golgotha. If we die one day and go to paradise, we will no longer have our physical eyes. Will your spirit become blind then? Of course not.
The devil has blinded the inner eyes of the unbelievers. Before we were saved, we were so blind, and ignorant of many spiritual things.

Series 5

Our Spirit Being Able to Enjoy the Lord

Our spirit can indeed worship God deeply. When we experience having love interflow with Him, we will realize His preciousness more. Our spirit will overflow and will never be empty. How should we worship God? We must do so with spirit and truth. The Bible mentions many times about the spiritual eyes. We must use our inner eyes to behold the Lord, His beauty and glory; and learn to behold that the Lord is in glory, everywhere, and living in our hearts at the same time. It’s important for us to be able to enjoy the Lord and be drawn by Him. For example, when we sing and worship, we should sing with our hearts. Also, through the truth in the hymn, we should enjoy the Lord’s beauty and glory, and His love towards us. It is very nourishing to just enjoy the plain truth in the hymn; there’s no need to forcefully think deeper of the content. Just respond to the Lord with the feelings in your heart, and when you do so, you are also enjoying Him. It’s most precious to be attracted by the Lord. The Song of Solomon mentions three times “That you not stir up or awaken love until it pleases.” That means in worship, when we are attracted by the Lord, and when our spirit is enjoying the Lord’s embrace, we should not let anything disturb us, even ourselves. Stay longer and enjoy quietly. This will affect us tremendously. We will love the Lord more from enjoying Him and His love more.

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