Our Spirit Can Hear, Think, and See

Series 7

Episode 2


Brothers and sisters, today’s topic in Treasures for the Soul is “Our Spirit Can Hear, Think, and See.” Our spirit is very awesome. It can know God, understand about eternity, and see what our naked eyes can’t see. Our spirit has free will. Our choices affect our minds, which in turn affects our feelings, which then would go back to affect our will and choices. Therefore what we choose is very important. In our mind, what we listen to will generate many pictures. We can enjoy the truths in the Bible by applying it to ourselves.


God created our spirit so that we could have true fellowship with Him. We are able to realize things about Him, understand Him, and have true knowledge of Him. We have not seen the Lord with our physical eyes. But there are four gospels, which illustrate many scenes.

God created our spirit in an awesome way. The thoughts within our spirit contain the deepest thoughts. Our will is very important. For example, using your will, you will choose to wear a mask to protect yourself from viruses. You use your will to choose not to see bad things. What you see creates a thought or an image, which enters into your mind. How it would affect you depends on your mindset. At a minimum, it’ll distract you. That’s why I encourage you to go to a place where you won’t be distracted. The Lord asks you to go into the inner house to pray to the Father in secret, so you won’t be disturbed.

Your will chooses what you’d like to come in contact with. Whatever you come in contact with, see, or hear, will create thoughts. It’s like a window for the images to go into your mind. They don’t just stay in your cognition. They go deeper into your mind. They will affect your decision-making. The mind affects your feelings and emotions, which then in turn will also affect your will. Therefore, the truth as well as your feelings will affect your will. You might be affected and drawn by those things. This is why businesses are paying lots of money on advertisements. Seeing the advertisements will affect people’s minds, stir up the feelings and desire, and eventually compel them to make the decision to buy.

The Bible talks a lot about listening. When the Lord transfigured on the hill, a voice came from the cloud, “This is my beloved Son; listen to Him.” What we listen to affects our thoughts. It creates an image. We don’t necessarily have to see an item to visualize it. For example, when someone mentions a mango, we will see an image of a mango in our minds. This proves how an image can appear in our minds without actually seeing it with our eyes. Similarly when we hear a mouse, we see a mouse; when we hear a lion, we see a lion. Listening affects our minds. That’s how we see with our inner eyes. I believe those who draw well will probably see better with their inner eyes. It’s the same for any inventions. They have to start with an idea. So you can see God created us not just for this materialistic world. We have a spirit.

We can see even with our eyes closed. With our minds, we can see the spiritual things, the things He talked about, and the future. The Bible has a lot of prophecies and we get an idea what they’ll be like in our minds. It’s so precious that God gives us a spirit so that we can see beyond this world. We see the precious eternity and have fellowship with Him. We feel His love. Though we haven’t seen the Lord with our physical eyes, the four gospels show us pictures of the Lord’s life on earth. The Bible was written for your benefit. When the Lord asked Peter, “Simon, son of John, do you love me?” You can think of your father’s name and put yourself into that situation. You can ask yourself, “Son or daughter of so and so, do you love me?” It becomes a picture that is closely related to you. Otherwise, why is it written down in the Bible? It’s His love journey, which is also for you. The Lord could say the same thing to me, “Son of (my father’s name), Daniel Yu, do you love Me?” It’s absolutely applicable to me. When we read the Bible, we can visualize the situation. The conversation between the Lord and Peter is a sample for us of how He loves every one of us with the same love.

I talked about beholding the Lord as a whole with one glance, and recently about seeing with the heart, our spiritual condition, and how we are connected to Him. Every day, it’s important for us to pay as much attention to check on our spiritual condition as we do to see if we are infected with the coronavirus. Thus, we would be able to tell if we had any spiritual “sickness” that we need to overcome.

Series 7

Message Date: 2020-01-26


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