See that the Lord is at the right hand of the Father

Series 16

Episode 1


Brothers and sisters, today’s topic of Treasures for the Soul is “See that the Lord is at the right hand of the Father.” The Lord being in glory is not something abstract. In Acts chapter 7, Stephen gazed into the heavens and saw the Lord at the right hand of the Father. Colossians also mentions that Christ is at the right hand of God. At the same time, He is our life. He deeply influences and nourishes us. Although the Lord is in glory, His Spirit is also in us, united with us. The Lord is not far from us. Let us see definitively that the Lord is in heaven, at the right hand of the Father. We also enjoy Him giving us life and nourishment.


I have shared about seeing the Lord at the right hand of God. When I shared about the Lord in glory, it might have seemed a little vague to you about where the Lord is, exactly. Stephen was filled with the Holy Spirit, who guided him to see the Lord in glory, at the right hand of God. He gazed into the heavens and saw the Son of Man standing at the right hand of God. This was a special experience. But I believe Stephen gazed into the heavens often. I am unable to count for myself how many times I see the Lord in glory every day.
We live to the Lord. Then, where is He? It’s correct to say that we live to the Lord who is in glory. Nonetheless, it’s to our advantage to see more definitively where in glory the Lord is. A lot of believers direct their prayers internally, but this is never once mentioned in the Bible. This is a wrong path for spiritual pursuit. We live to the Lord who is in glory. At the same time, we also treasure and enjoy the Lord in us. When we go according to the Bible, we will enjoy more of the Lord’s work in us. The Lord in us is very real and He is living. Don’t think that the Lord in us is merely “something” in us. The Lord is very real, more real and alive than us. The Lord once said He was not alone, for the Father was with Him. Today our experience is the same. We are not alone, for the Father, the Lord and the Holy Spirit are with us. He’s more alive than we are. Don’t think that God is abstract and we are concrete. He is more real than us! We are united with Him and we are facing the infinite Lord in entirety.
Hebrews says it’s “much more excellent” and this is the last time that this phrase is mentioned in the bible. It’s also a conclusion. Hebrews talks about the new covenant, the work of priests, the sacrifices done in the past, and the blood of the Lord. All these things lead to the conclusion: it is much more excellent. It is important for us to understand. This is one of the key scriptures about drawing near to God. Paul tells us how to overcome our flesh, and that is by “…seek the things that are above, where Christ is, seated at the right hand of God.” However, Paul also said “… When Christ, who is your life…” (Colossians 3:1,4) Christ is at the right hand of God and He is also our life. He’s deeply united with me and affecting me. He affects all aspects of my life from within, as if He is my life. He influences me in my spirit. Although He is in glory, He’s also very close to me. He’s nourishing me and closely affecting me. He is the Spirit who gives life. Although His risen body is in glory, His Spirit is in us, and His Spirit gives us life. It’s like the nourishment flowing from the vine to the branch and causes the branch to bear fruit. Not only will the branch will not wither, it continues to grow and bear fruit. It’s very precious that the Lord affects us intimately. When we see the Lord in glory, we should know that He’s not far from us at all. Indeed, the Lord has ascended to heaven and is seated at the right hand of God. Therefore, He also wants us to direct ourselves to Him, who is in glory.

Series 16

We Have Come to Mount Zion and the Heavenly Jerusalem

Message Date: 2020-03-20

We should mind the things above, look upon the Lord in glory, and live to Him. It’s very precious that Hebrews 12:22-24 lets us understand about things in heaven in a concrete way. By the Lord’s salvation, today when we draw near to God, we are not coming to Mount Sinai (which represents the law), but we have come to Mount Zion (which represents grace). To obtain forgiveness of our sins is almost impossible! However, God’s grace is tremendous. The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit have paid the highest price, endured the greatest pain, and made us see God’s holiness and righteousness. God also manifested His great love. So, by the Lord’s precious blood, our sins are forgiven, and we are united with the Lord forever. God desires us to draw close to Him. Hebrews mentions multiple times “having come” before God, to the throne of grace, and lastly to Mount Zion, that is, the heavenly Jerusalem. When we pray and draw near to God, we have come to the heavenly Jerusalem, and we are living in grace. In heavenly Jerusalem, there are many joyful things: the festal gathering of innumerable angels, the assembly of the firstborn, God the judge of all, the spirits of the righteous made perfect, Jesus, the mediator of a new covenant, and the sprinkled blood that speaks a better word than the blood of Abel. All these express God Himself, and His heart towards us. The Lord indeed has opened His heart to us through this series of messages, causing us to understand His purpose better.

See that the Lord is at the right hand of the Father


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