Series 18: The Blessings to the Firstborn



It is the church’s most tremendous blessing that we have become the “assembly of the firstborn”. God calls Israel His son and firstborn son. He raised them up to be the blessing of all nations. In the New Millennium and eternity, Israel will be chief among all nations. As for us, by the Lord’s salvation, we have become the children of God; being joint heir with Christ, we are to inherit all. The Lord is the firstborn, and we are the assembly of the firstborn. The glory that the Father gave to the Lord is also given to us.

From the blessings that Jacob gave to his sons, we can see that besides the double portion of blessings, the firstborn also received blessings of kingship and priesthood. It’s so precious that the blessings that we receive are beyond “a double portion”. We have become the priests of the new covenant; we will reign with the Lord, and inherit all with Him in eternity. Today, we should live out our life as priests: to draw near to God, to enjoy the Lord as our source of life, and to bring people to believe in God and experience Him. We are to offer sacrifices of praise, and to guard our mouth with knowledge. Therefore, we should pursue the Lord diligently.

Episode 1 Israel is God’s firstborn son (Part 1)

Episode 2 Israel is God’s firstborn son (Part 2)

Episode 3 To be united with the Lord and become the firstborn

Episode 4 The Lord is the firstborn

Episode 5 The blessing of the firstborn: Kingship

Episode 6 The blessing of the firstborn: A double portion of the blessings

Episode 7 The blessing of the firstborn: Priesthood

Episode 8 Live out the priesthood 

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