The Father Sent His Only Begotten Son

Series 10

Episode 4


Brothers and sisters, today’s topic of Treasures for the Soul is “The Father Sent His Only Begotten Son.” In the gospel of John, the Lord mentioned many times that the Father had sent Him, which the Lord treasures. There are a few things that stun us. First, the Lord forever became a man for us. Second, the Lord died on the cross. Third, the Father chastised and forsook the Lord on the cross. The Lord accomplished the salvation so that we could live forever. We now live with the Lord and are deeply united with the Father, the Lord and the Holy Spirit. We also have God’s family. We are connected and joined together with brothers and sisters. The Lord has brought us into His deepest embrace and His household.


In the Gospel of John, the Lord said many times that the Father had sent Him. The Lord treasures to be sent by the Father. He leapt over many mountains when He came. The Father, the Lord and the Holy Spirit are “One.” The Father agreed to send the Lord. We are awed by what the Trinity God did. For us, the Lord is forever God and man. We truly affect the Father and the Lord the most, now and throughout eternity.
In the past, the One on the throne did not have a body in flesh. But now until eternity, the Lord has a body. I treasure this fact so much; in my heart, nothing is more precious than this. The Lord’s death on the cross is also very precious! Both events that happened amidst the Trinity God are so amazing! What happened on the cross shook heaven and earth. The Trinity God’s oneness surpasses any union on earth. God is one infinite spirit, not three separate spirits.
The Gospel of John tells us that the Lord is the Only Begotten Son, who is in the bosom of the Father. We are God’s children, but none of us are His only sons. The Lord alone is God’s only begotten Son. Moreover, He is God, One with the Father. He is also the beloved Son in Abba’s bosom. The Father Himself said, “This is my beloved Son; listen to him.” (Mark 9:7)
It’s so precious that the Father’s beloved Son has become a man forever! This is indeed a marvel amidst the Trinity God. The Lord was eager to become a man for us because He loves us; this is God’s love. The Lord’s crucifixion stuns my heart; nothing can replace such preciousness in my heart, which is also beyond words. God took it upon Himself. He didn’t give me the universe, instead, He fully committed Himself to love me. His love actions result in our deepest union of love with Him, a union of life. He deeply and wholly belongs to me. And we fully belong to Him.
The cross is truly wondrous. The Lord and the Father are one. However, because of our sins, the Father crushed, chastised and forsook the Lord on the cross. The Lord’s body was “carved”on by men. What happened amidst the Trinity God is incomprehensible by man. I can only say that we deeply affect the Father, the Lord and the Holy Spirit. Who am I? Only the Lord can give the most accurate answer.
It’s so precious that He has also given us God’s family. Psalm 22 foretold the manifold sufferings the Lord would endure on the cross. However, He has won a glorious victory! The Lord said, “In the midst of the congregation I will praise you.” (Ps. 22:22) Today, in our congregation, the Lord is the most involved. He praises and manifests the Father. We have gatherings in the congregation, which is the Church. One day, He will return and take us to be with Him forever.
I really like this verse: “May your hearts live forever” (Ps. 22:26) We once were dead in our transgressions, but now our hearts live forever; we live with Him forever. Our life is deeply united with the Father, the Lord, and the Holy Spirit. This is so amazing, but it’s absolutely true! This is our experience!
When the Lord said, “It’s finished!” the salvation was accomplished! Although these words were said more than two thousands years ago, they have been fulfilled upon us. The new covenant established by His blood was fulfilled. His last prayer was also fulfilled, and we experience Him living in us. He promised to come to us. And He prayed, “And I in them.” He is risen and living! The Spirit of the Son of God is in you and me. Furthermore, our hearts are connected with His. The Holy Spirit dwells in us and connects our hearts together. We are not just a united group of people; and we are not just like any organization in this world. We are indeed connected without barriers. The Father, the Lord and the Holy Spirit will embrace us all to New Jerusalem.

Series 10

Enjoy Being Heart to Heart with the Father

Message Date: 2020-02-23

John 17 records the Lord’s prayer to the Father, which disclosed the deepest desire of the Lord and the Father–that we could deeply enjoy the love with which Abba loved the Lord. Right at the beginning of His prayer, the Lord mentioned the fruit of the cross, which is eternal life. This is our greatest treasure, our personal firsthand experience of knowing Abba and the Lord. The Lord came to the earth to manifest Abba’s name, so that we could experience Abba and live in the boundless love with which Abba loved the Lord. He mentioned multiple times that it was the Father who sent Him; He treasured that Abba had sent Him to become a Man, to be born for us, and to die for us. All these that happened among the Trinity God are so astonishing! Abba chastised and forsook His beloved Son because of our sins, so that the church could appear. Today, the Lord praises the Father in the midst of the congregation. We should worship Abba, pay attention to being heart to heart with Him every day.

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