The Lord became the Lamb of God

Series 13

Episode 1


Brothers and sisters, today’s topic of Treasures for the Soul is The Lord Became the Lamb of God. The glorious book of Revelation mentions many times that the Lord is the Lamb of God. The infinite One not only became the Lamb of God for us, He was even chastised, carved with wounds, and was nailed on the cross. Because of love, this Lamb of God offered Himself with humility. We can proclaim with sincerity that the Lamb of God is worthy.


Revelation chapter 5 says the Lamb is worthy. We are the ones whom the Father had given the Lord. Abba is the Giver and the Lord is the Receiver. They are the infinite and eternal God. To accomplish salvation and gain you and me, both Giver and Receiver (and of course the Holy Spirit), had to suffer the deepest pain. Such pain is beyond man’s imagination. The suffering They went through and the Lord’s love for us remain immeasurable.
It’s so wonderful! He is God, the infinite eternal Spirit, who is also the infinite eternal life. He has infinite beauty, wisdom, and might, and this is revealed through all the creations of this world. The earth may be just one small object in this universe, but it is enough to reveal His infinite attributes. All the technology and inventions help us see how amazing He is! We can observe the great universe with telescopes, but we can also perceive the wonder of this small earth when we look at things even smaller than cells. We are indeed surrounded by God’s miracle of love. It’s really amazing! Yet we can live so comfortably with this infinite One.
To forever gain you and me, He became the Lamb of God. Revelation chapter 5 and the whole Book of Revelation make substantial mention of the Lamb of God. Revelation is a most glorious book! Yet such a glorious book has the Lamb as the central focus. The Lamb is the glory of the infinite One. For us, He was chastised and suffered the greatest punishment. He was carved with wounds from His head, back, hands, feet, and side. Worthy is the Lamb! The eternal One who sits on the throne eternally keeps the scars from these wounds on His body. This is necessary because what He has done for us is very great!
The Book of John alone mentions many times about “the hour”. This refers to the time the Lord would be nailed on the cross. No words can fully describe that glorious moment. The word “glory” is not enough to describe this incredible moment. Revelation says that the Lamb sits on the throne. Isn’t this so precious? Look at the leaders in the world today, is there anyone gentle and humble like the Lord Himself? Is there anyone who fully offers himself? Do any of their people hail them worthy to reign from the bottom of their hearts?

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