The Lord Came to Manifest the Father’s Name

Series 10

Episode 3


Brothers and sisters, today’s topic of Treasures for the Soul is “The Lord Came to Manifest the Father’s Name.” John 17:6 says the Lord has manifested the Father’s name on earth. The gospel books mention the Father many more times than the Old Testament did. Even if we have gained the whole universe, our hearts cannot be satisfied. We can only be satisfied through experiencing the Father and the Lord. This is the reason for our existence. A harmonious relationship with God brings us peace, joy and contentment. The Lord is the light to the world. It’s only when we follow the Lord that our life can shine brilliantly.


The Lord manifested the Father’s name on earth. When the Lord talked about us, He immediately said in John 17:6, “I have manifested your name to the people whom you gave me out of the world.” The fact that the Father is mentioned many times in the gospel books is stunning. The gospel books mention the Father much more frequently than the Old Testament did. Indeed, the Lord is the Father’s only Begotten Son, who has manifested the Father while on earth. The Lord said whoever has seen Him has seen the Father.

It is so true that our greatest satisfaction on earth is to enjoy eternal life, to experience Abba and the Lord. This is also our greatest treasure, because this is the reason for our existence. The need in our heart is so enormous that even the universe cannot satisfy it. The world just seems so insignificant compared with the need in our heart. Not only that, but the world can corrupt us. We were truly created for God. Therefore, when we experience God, our spirit will be uplifted and we will have joy. We truly exist for eternal life, for the Father, and for the Lord. Abba wants us to be deeply in love with the Lord. Likewise, the Lord also wants us to experience Abba’s love. This is what we experience after we believe in God. We have peace, joy and satisfaction when we experience God, and have a close relationship with Him. All our successes in life cannot be compared to the experiences with God. The Bible records many accounts of man’s experience and relationship with God. It’s so precious that this is God’s desire.
(Thomas)On the night before the crucifixion, when the Lord recalledHis Life and the work that He did on earth, When the Lord retraced His life and work on earth the night before His crucifixion, He specifically told us that He has manifested the Father’s name, as if He was giving an account of His work to the Father (using human terms, so to speak). And He has given the disciples the words He received from the Father. The Lord is true. Apart from Him, you will not find the words. The words are given from above. The Lord came out of the light. He is the light to the world, and those who follow Him will not walk in darkness. He is the light of our life. He has led us into the marvelous light. We have already seen the most precious and wonderful light, which also fully satisfies our hearts. The Lord’s prayer tells us what a great part we have in Him. Before the foundation of the world, the Father has already loved the Lord with an infinite love.
It’s so precious that this is our true history, which has been in the Father’s and the Lord’s heart from eternity past, and He will continue to express this love to us till eternity.

Series 10

Enjoy Being Heart to Heart with the Father

Message Date: 2020-02-23

John 17 records the Lord’s prayer to the Father, which disclosed the deepest desire of the Lord and the Father–that we could deeply enjoy the love with which Abba loved the Lord. Right at the beginning of His prayer, the Lord mentioned the fruit of the cross, which is eternal life. This is our greatest treasure, our personal firsthand experience of knowing Abba and the Lord. The Lord came to the earth to manifest Abba’s name, so that we could experience Abba and live in the boundless love with which Abba loved the Lord. He mentioned multiple times that it was the Father who sent Him; He treasured that Abba had sent Him to become a Man, to be born for us, and to die for us. All these that happened among the Trinity God are so astonishing! Abba chastised and forsook His beloved Son because of our sins, so that the church could appear. Today, the Lord praises the Father in the midst of the congregation. We should worship Abba, pay attention to being heart to heart with Him every day.

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