The Lord’s manifold love evidence (Part 1)

Series 14

Episode 4


Brothers and sisters, today’s topic of Treasures for the Soul is “The Lord’s manifold love evidence (Part 1) .” The Lord has given us much evidence for His love, so that we have faith to embrace this love, to live with Him, and to be in love with Him. These proofs include the Lord has become a man forever, and He established an eternal covenant by His blood. Moreover, the Lord retains the riven scar on His side for us, which tells our position in His heart and our relationship with Him. In addition, in the sky, there is the Southern Cross Constellation; and on earth, there is a flower called the Bleeding Heart. The Lord also set up a love feast for our lifetime—the bread-breaking meeting. He died for us, so that whether we wake or sleep, we will live with Him, which means we live with Him in this life and eternity. We have the deepest union and love relationship with Him.


How precious it is that the Lord treasures us so much. Therefore, He uses a lot of noticeable evidence to show us that we are definitely His eternal darling. He wants us to have the greatest and most glorious faith to embrace and enjoy His love. He longs for us to live a life in this love union with Him, closely live with Him, and live out this relationship. He desires us to enjoy His love and for us to love Him the most. I cannot fully describe how much I treasure my position in the Lord’s heart. I can only be satisfied when I have this position of love in His heart. I treasure this position of love; I treasure very much that I am united with Him forever! I cannot number how many times in a day that I say, “I am united with Him.” Nevertheless, the Lord treasures this even more than I do!
Our true Beloved has shown us so much evidence, thus, Satan cannot stop you from entering into this love. Satan wants to separate us from the Lord. Do you understand this love relationship and have sufficient faith towards it? This relationship is truly amazing and stunning! And it is too good to be true. Some people may think: you are insignificant, how can the Lord give so much for you? It’s because we have never met anyone who treats us like the Lord treats us. Though I may know your relationship with Lord, but I will never be able to comprehend how deep and how close your relationship is with Him. Only the Lord knows it the best.
Therefore, He gives us much evidence. It’s not a simple act when He became a man forever, and established the eternal covenant by His blood. Furthermore, He retains a riven deep scar on His side forever. This scar specifically tells your “position” in His heart and your relationship with Him. Of course, the wounds on His hands and feet are very precious. But this scar on His side specifically shows the love relationship between Him and me. The Bible clearly tells us so in Genesis chapter 2 and Ephesians chapter 5. Isn’t it amazing? The scar is unique, is deep and is eternal. It’s so precious that the One sitting on the throne has this riven deep scar on His side forever. For sure, He will never be ashamed of you and me. This is not as simple as wearing a ring, but a very special and deep scar in His body. Can you see how much He treasures this?
He has also allowed us to understand the Southern Cross constellation. From my own observations, no other constellations are as precious. The Southern Cross can be used for navigation, however, the most special are the two pointer stars, which call our attention to the very star representing the side of the Lord.
There is a very special flower called the Bleeding Heart. This heart-shaped flower is related to you. The dewdrop-like bloom appears as if there is a drop of blood “bleeding” from the heart. How wonderful is this flower’s design! It blooms in the season when the Lord was once crucified. Indeed, the Lord’s heart bled when He was on the cross. Therefore, when the soldier pierced His side with a spear, blood and water came out of the wound because the blood sedimented. He endured the greatest pain in His body—a death caused by a broken heart. He has the authority to give His life, and He loves me and died for me.
1 Thessalonians chapter 5 tells us that the Lord died for us, that no matter if we are awake (that is, while we are living on earth) or we are asleep (that is, after the death of believers), we should live together with Him. Now all of us here are awake—it means we are alive. When we sleep, it means when we pass away. One day, we will resurrect and our bodies will rise. In conclusion, we live with Him now and in eternity. 1 Thessalonians 5:10 says, “who died for us, that whether we wake or sleep, we should live together with Him.” We ought to live out the deepest love union with Him.
Here’s more! There are flowers on earth, stars in the sky, and here is the Lord’s table, a feast of love, for our whole life. In every bread-breaking meeting, the cup reminds us of the new covenant He established by His blood. We should never forget His love, what He went through and what He accomplished for us. This feast also speaks about the church. The bread represents His body, and the church is the body of Christ. He desires for us to be one, therefore, there is one bread. Though we are many, because of His love, we all partake of the one bread—the perfect unity.

Series 14

Manifold evidence

Message Date: 2020-03-15

We must understand how the infinite Lord looks at us today, because this truth is very important. David once asked, “What is man?” To answer that question, the Lord Himself became a man forever; He even died on the cross, arose from death, ascended to heaven, and inherited all. We are the most precious love gift from the Father to the Lord, to be His eternal love. We must be confirmed of such highest position of love in the Lord’s heart in order to be satisfied and restful. Therefore, He uses substantial evidence to prove His love so that we can be full of faith towards this love, and to enjoy it, embrace it, and live a life of union with Him. Some pieces of His evidence are: The Lord is a man forever He set the eternal covenant with us by His blood His forever riven scar of love The blue Southern Cross The bleeding heart flower The break-bread meeting The Lord’s prayer in John 17 The marriage supper of the Lamb in the future The Song of Solomon

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