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Abba’s Beautiful Heart: Enjoying the Deepest Affection of the Heavenly Father

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How precious that the Lord has the desire to make known the Father.
Father has been waiting for so long to hear us crying out “Abba.”
May we enjoy more the Father’s affection,
And His beautiful heart towards us.
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Through the messages in this book about the Father’s affection, we enjoy more the beautiful heart of the Father. Now we understand more about the longing in the depths of Abba’s heart: the father-son affection, walking hand in hand with us, His seed abiding in our hearts and we being His true born children and affecting Him most...
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Chapter 1: God's Seed Abides in Us
Chapter 2: We are Born of God
Chapter 3: We Affect the Father Most
Chapter 4: Abba's Affection
Chapter 5: The Affection of the Father, Shown by the Life of Penguins
Chapter 6: See the Father's Affection through the Bible



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