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Deeply Experience God

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Every man who seeks God honestly can deeply experience God.
Through singing, praying and worshipping, you can enter into a deeper worship.
Behold the beauty of the Lord and attracted by Him,
Until you are at a state, rest in the communion of love between the Lord and you.
This will be an unforgettable experience every day in your life.
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This book consists of four messages. Its main purpose is to help us experience God more deeply and have love interflow with Him. This kind of love interflow leads us to draw closer to Him, and enter into worship and His inner chambers. Our love with Him grows deeper. It’s this lifestyle that lifts us up.
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Words of the Editor
Chapter 1: The Only Way to Joy and Blessedness - Loving the Lord Devotedly
Chapter 2: Main Points of Experiencing God More Deeply
Chapter 3: Enter More Deeply into the Heart-to-heart Interflow of Love with the Lord
Chapter 4: The Summary of How to Develop Deeper Friendship and Love with the Lord
Chapter 5: The Summary of Having Interflow of Love with the Lord
Chapter 6: The Concept and Process of Enjoying Love Interflow with the Lord



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