Rebuild The Tabernacle Of David

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“Rebuilding the Tabernacle of David” reveals what God desires.
Let us be full of faith and love in this generation,
To walk steadfastly on the everlasting way.
So that we can respond to His calling,
And give Him what He desires most.
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How precious that the Lord revealed to us the message of “Rebuilding the Tabernacle of David. ” This book helps us see clearly our relationship with God is the essence of the church and the correct path of spiritual pursuit. It also helps us realize His love and grace which have edified us all these years.
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Words from the Editor
Chapter 1: The Meaning of the Tabernacle
Chapter 2: The History of the Tabernacle of David
Chapter 3: The Influences of the Tabernacle of David
Chapter 4: No Hindrance Between God and Us
Chapter 5: A Group of People Come Together Before God
Chapter 6: Make Plans and Arrangements to Experience God Daily
Chapter 7: Know How to Draw Near to God
Chapter 8: Enter Continuously into the Depth of God's Heart
Chapter 9: Firmly Believe in God's Commission
Chapter 10: The Realization of the Tabernacle of David
Chapter 11: Heman the Singer (1)
Chapter 12: Heman the Singer (2)



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