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Short Prayers – Arrows of Love Pierce Heaven

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Short prayers asking for help are necessary and beneficial in many ways.
However, arrows of love that pierce heaven are even more essential.
Just a few short prayers can express our love to the Lord.
Such short worship helps us to think of His love and beautiful heart towards us,
Causing our spirit to fully enjoy Him and live in His love.
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The messages in this book help us to live with the day and night. The way is actually quite simple and easy. The more we walk on it, the easier and more enjoyable it becomes. When we pray and think of the Lord many times throughout the day, we will experience love interflow with the Lord, and be nourished by Him many times throughout the day as well.
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Chapter 1: Short Prayers - Arrow of Love Pierce Heaven
Chapter 2: Short Prayers - Arrow of Love Pierce Heaven, Each Action of Faith and Love
Chapter 3: Short Prayers - Arrow of Love Pierce Heaven, Words are Few But Full of Deep and Long Lasting Affections
Chapter 4: Short Prayers - Arrow of Love Pierce Heaven, How to Practice and Live It Out



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