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The Essence Of God’s Family

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The eternal will of God is not just to build up a household,
But a household with love and unity.
With this hope of glory,
He endured the cross and drank the bitter cup.
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This book gives us a better understanding of the essence of God’s family, and how we can live and build up such a church.
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Part 1: The Core of God's Eternal Will - A Household of Love and Unity
Chapter 1: The House of God - the Church of the Living God
Chapter 2: For this Family, the Rock was Struck
Chapter 3: Follow in the Footsteps of the Lord for this Family
Part 2: The Labour in Birth and the Joy Ahead - A Family of Love and Unity
Chapter 1: The Lord was Gload to Suffer for this Family
Chapter 2: Behold! What a Precious Identity We Have
Chapter 3: The Wonderful and Precious Things
Chapter 4: Build and Live out the Household of God
Chapter 5: Family, the Core of God's Will
Chapter 6:Family, the Foremost and Final Restoration
Chapter 7: The Work of the Holy Spirit, the Key to the Restoration of the Essence of God's Family



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