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The Son’s Love and Delight

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The Lord possesses all kinds of beauty in abundance,
And all of His beauty is indeed infinitely abundant!
With His infinite love,
How then will I ever lack for anything?
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Of all the truth God has restored among us, the most precious is about God Himself. Not only do we know some truth about Him but we understand Him. Such knowledge will certainly impact our daily lives, our joy, our motivations and our response to Him. It also helps us overcome all obstacles.
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Words from the Editor
Chapter 1: Enjoy the Love of the Son of God from the Beginning
Chapter 2: The Unique Love of the Son of God towards Me Surpasses All
Chapter 3: God Treasures Our Responses
Chapter 4: Our Weaknesses and Failures Cannot Change the Lord's Greatest Delight in Us
Chapter 5: Realize the Lord's Delight through the Song of Solomon
Chapter 6: Review Important Truth Using Hymns


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