Wisdom to Win Souls

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To preach the gospel is not mere knowledge but practical experiences in ministry.
It is important to know how to arouse one’s need for Jesus’ salvation,
how to express the gospel
and how to lead someone to Christ. Lord Jesus.
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This book tells us how to convey the complete gospel message so that others can understand the repentance and remission of sins and enjoy the salvation grace of the Lord Jesus. May this book be a blessing to the preaching of the gospel.
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Words of the Editor
Introduction: The Lord's Commission
Chapter 1: How to Prepare for Preaching the Gospel
Chapter 2: Arouse the Need
Chapter 3: How to Preach the Gospel Clearly
Chapter 4: Leading People to Decide on Accepting Christ
Chapter 5: How to Present the Gospel
Chapter 6: The Proper Manner in Preaching the Gospel
Chapter 7: How to Conduct Yourself When Preaching the Gospel
Chapter 8: Good Opportunities to Preach the Gospel
Chapter 9: How to Give a Testimony
Chapter 10: Use the Bible to Arouse People's Needs
Chapter 11: How to Preach the Gospel Using the Bible
Chapter 12: How to Use the Bible to Bring People to a Decision to Convert
Appendix 1: The Apostle John Teaches You How to Preach the Gospel
Appendix 2: The Romans Road



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