Content and Happier Life

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I was born into a poor family in Singapore. When I was young, I always envied those who were more well-off than me, and so I always wanted to be rich when I grew up. In school, I hated studying but in order to be rich quickly, I started to get involved in gambling when I was 13 years old. I had been to many gambling dens, back lane gambling stalls and even gambled in open public places like the food court dining area. Before I even reached 18, I had been arrested numerous times for gambling and has been to almost every police station in Singapore.

Then when I started working in my 20’s, I joined a big Japanese company as a sales executive. At that time, my income was above many average people and friends around me. But I was not satisfied, I wanted more. So I started cheating off my company of almost $10,000 every month for almost 2 years to satisfy my gambling habit and lavish lifestyle. In my heart, I knew what I did was very wrong, but I could not control myself or overcome it. I already felt numb to all these cheating and lying that it had become part of my life.  I started to realized that there was no way out of this whole mess I’ve created so I lived day by day with guilty feelings.  I was always constantly living in fear about what I did and was also afraid of being caught. I did not care about my family’s feelings and concerns but instead kept thinking of ideas and ways on how to deceive them to give me more money. Sometimes I felt I am so ashamed, foolish, useless and hopeless, that’s why I was living a life like this. All the temptations like gambling, drinking, nightclubs and karaoke were so great that I could not get over it but instead fell deeper and deeper into it. I dared not face the fact that I have lost my dignity and control over my life. Greed has taken over my life.

It was only when I knew Jesus, my life has been totally changed. I started going to church regularly and was very touched by many brothers and sisters who love and serve God so faithfully. They are not rich nor wealthy, but their joy and happiness are so pure and genuine. That’s when I realized that it is only in Jesus I can find true inner peace, joy and happiness. I still remembered one of the bible verses that struck me deep inside, It says ” for what will it profits a man if he gains the whole world and forfeits his soul “. Initially, I felt weak to overcome my weaknesses, but I knew many of the church brothers and sisters and my family prayed a lot for me. I began to stay away from my gambling friends and also stopped going to casinos and race track. As time went by, I became stronger and stronger. I started to see things more clearly. Jesus has given me the strength to overcome my barriers and temptations. I did not want to live a life as before anymore and went through all those temptations.  I wanted to entrust and rely on Jesus to take control of my life. I like driving so I became a taxi driver, living a simple but happier life before coming to Vancouver in 2004. Even though it was not as a glamorous job as I dreamt of, but my heart is more at peace and content. I know Jesus will take care of me and provide all my needs. I no longer cheat others or gamble now. Jesus has saved me from pursuing material satisfaction. Now my wife and I, whenever we can, travel to poor countries to help and support other less fortunate people. What I wanted before was I am blinded by the trends and standards of this world. And now I have experienced God’s love and care, my heart is totally filled and contented with what I have – that is Christ Jesus.



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