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Green Pasture Christian Bookstore Logo

Driven by the love of Christ, we are pleased to provide to you a variety of ebooks and hymnals. Our Gospel section illustrates the full gospel in a way that is clear and easy to understand to everyone. The Gospel Chatroom features weekly life-changing stories and short messages that testify the gospel.
We hope you enjoy the reading experience and find it enriching to the spirit.

Our Goals:

  • To publish spiritual books and audiovisual products that facilitate the spreading of the gospel of Jesus Christ
  • To preach biblical truth
  • To share hymnals and messages that nourish the spirit
Green Pasture Christian Bookstore is operated by the Church of God in Vancouver.

All proceeds go to Light and Love Home to support community services.

Looking for hard copies, cards and gift items?
Visit our Bookstore! We offer a wide selection of Chinese and English books and hymnals.


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